DGr Demolition Grab Range

Manufacturer: Robi

Product Code: DGR

  • The Robi DG is a demolition and sorting grapple that has been designed for the most demanding of demolition, sorting and handling applications. Furthermore, Robi demolition grapple is able to perform demolition tasks when dealing with structures made out of wood or brick. A key feature is that the Robi demolition grapple is both strong and light at the same time. Light enough for long reach applications due to its very strong structure together with materials of the highest quality used in its construction. Additionally, the Robi demolition grapple is made of wear resistant materials with easily changeable wear parts in order to reduce operational down time. Models in this range include: DG6r, DG8r, DG15r, DG20r & DG30r
  • Standard or P Jaw

    Robi DG standard jaws are designed for recycling and demolition. They are made of HB400 and HB500 grade wear resistant steel. Professionals appreciate better view to target offered by design.

    Robi DG p-jaws are designed for recycling of piece material e.g. wood particles, bricks. They are made of HB400 and HB500 grade wear resistant steel. Prevent sticking of demolished particles.

    Grapple without Robi Rotation

    Robi demolition grapple without rotation is designed for use with tilt rotator. If an application is demolition or other demanding jobs it is recommended to have dedicated Robi rotation.

    Single or Double motor option available for DG15, DG20 and DG30

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