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Icarus TX Mini Radio Remote Control Kit

Icarus TX Mini Kit

  • The TX Mini is the smaller transmitter of the ICARUS family and is appealing due to its very good ergonomics in conjunction with a high level of sturdiness.

    Water and dirt are not a problem for this remote control due to protective class IP67. The minimum power consumption results in a long battery service life and by programming an individual code, incorrect commands in relation to each other can be precluded from the start.

    Equipped with two to six buttons, the ICARUS TX Mini can be used in the widest range of areas.

    • Frequency: 433MHz
    • FCC certified
    • Channels: 6
    • Buttons: max. 6
    • Batteries: 3 x Typ AA
    • IP protection rating: IP67
    • Range: approx. 100m
    • Temperature: -20°C to 50°C
    • The RX Mini is the small, compact receiver of the ICARUS family. The potted housing guarantees protection against water and dirt (protective class IP 67) and is extremely sturdy.

      Up to 24 transmitters can be logged on and off. At any time, the status as well as the error messages of the recipient can be read out based on the existing LEDs.

      • Frequency: 433MHz
      • Channels: 6
      • Transmitters: max. 24
      • Digital outputs: 6+2
      • Digital inputs: 2
      • IP protection rating: IP67
      • Voltage: 9Vdc - 30Vdc
      • Range: Approx. 100m
      • Temperature: -30°C to 70°C