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Bale Grab with Rollers

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  • The Albutt F301 Bale Grab is designed to handle round, wrapped bales of silage. The heavy duty design features smooth and large flat face contact points, ensuring the bale wrap is protected. The rollers are free to spin on forged steel tines featuring two plain bearings to ensure free rotation around the tine. The rollers are quickly and easily removed to expose two 1100mm forged steel tines. This means the handler can then be used as a bale spike for round and square straw bales. Each roller is secured with a bolted latch which can be mounted on either side of the handler arm.
  • Features

    Heavy duty design
    Twin rollers over forged steel tines
    Rollers feature plain bearings to sure free rotations
    Simple latch for quick removal of rollers
    Handle round wrapped silage bales
    Handle round or square straw bales
    Large diameter heavy duty arm pivots
    Large smooth flat face to protect bale wrap
    Available with bolt on brackets (optional)