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CC22 Cutter Crusher

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    • The Robi CC has been designed for demolition applications, specifically for those industrial structures that have been constructed with steel beams. Versatility is assured as it possesses teeth for crushing concrete and long cutting blades for steel cutting, and its one cylinder geometry is ideal for long reach boom applications, but its design enables impressive access to narrow hard to access areas.


        • Long, turnable cutting blades with excellent resistance thereby reducing spare and replacement part costs.
        • Its large opening enables the crushing of large pieces of material thereby increasing operational
        • productivity.
        • Optimum crushing geometry through a one cylinder structure enables the channeling of the full force through the movement of the machine.
        • A robust structure ensures less downtime.
        • Optimized tooth design with a convex shaped breaker allows for maximized productivity.
        • Properties CC 22
          Rotation HYDRAULIC
          Operating weight, kg (lb) 2300 (5070)
          Max. jaw opening, mm (inch) 720 /(28.3)
          Max. cutting force, kN (lbf) 1600 (359 690)
          Max. crushing force, kN (lbf) 700 (157 370)
          Recommended oil flow, l/min (gal/min) 180 (48)
          Max. operating pressure, bar (psi) 320 (4640)
          Recommended carrier weight, ton (lb) *) 20-40 (44100-88200)