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CG35r Crusher Grapple

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  • The Robi CG is multi-functional crusher grapple that has been designed for heavy demolition and recycling applications. The intrinsic design enables the operator to cover three different applications with one attachment - crushing, pulverizing and handling. The Robi crusher grapple is capable of crushing steel reinforced concrete up to 300 mm in thickness through the use of a jaw option, and finishing the job using pulverizing plates, or purely handling the material. This means that by using the Robi crusher grapple the job can be processed and finished using a single carrier, operator and attachment.

    Features and benefits
    • Multi-functionality means that a single device for three applications with only one operator and carrier needed.
    • Simple structure allows for many options with ease of inter-changeability with only one carrier and operator needed per job site.
    • Strong functional structure results in a long operational life time that is effective in all its applications.
    • Teeth for crushing
    • Pulverising plates for separating iron and concrete
    • Covers for protecting the base when teeth or pulverising plates are unattached
    • Cylinder cylinder rod fully protected, powerful cylinder
  • Crushing Teeth
      With crushing teeth CG is very powerful. Shape of teeth is optimal for penetrating into material.
        Crushing teeth are strong and wear resistant
          CG offers a good method for different applications. Changing  from crushing tooth to pulverizing pad is quick and easy.
            Pulverising Plates
              With pulverizing plates CG can be used as a rotating pulverizer.
                Optimised shape of teeth.
                  Bolted in, easy to replace.
                  • Properties CG35 r
                    Excavator class, t (lb): 20 - 40 (44100 - 88200)
                    Working weight, kg (lb): 2600 (5730)
                    Max. opening, mm (inch): 1080 (43)
                    Width of shells, mm (inch): 630 (25)
                    Max. crushing force, kN (lbf): 570 (128 136)
                    Max pressure, bar (psi): 350 (5080)
                    Max oil flow, l/min (gal/min): 240 (63)
                    Max pressure, rotation, bar (psi): 100 (1450)
                    Max oil flow, rotation, l/min (gal/min): 30 (8)