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MBO Clamshell Buckets

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The MBO clamshell bucket is a high quality excavator clamshell re-handling bucket designed to suit machines from 4-10T in weight. Made completely from Hardox 400 and with integrated over-center valve for safety should a hose burst while the grab is loaded.

The unit has a 1 large diameter cylinder for high griping and biting force. Suitable for both rigid or swing mounted.


  • MBO 11: 110 Litre (for machines 4-7T)
  • MBO 20: 200 Litre (for machines 4-7T)
  • MBO 25: 250 Litre (for machines 6-10T)
  • MBO 30: 300 Litre (for machines 6-10T)
  • MBO 40: 400 Litre (for machines 6-10T)
  • MBO 50: 500 Litre (for machines 6-10T)


For full specification, please see data sheet

Data Sheet 2