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MP Multiprocessors

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  • The Robi MP has been purpose designed for demolition and recycling applications. With D-jaws and C-teeth, it is ideal for dealing with concrete with steel reinforcing. For greater flexibility pulverizing plates can be easily installed allowing its use in primary pulverizing applications. When fitted with S-jaws, steel structures can be cut as well as concrete will be crushed by fixed teeth. The use of M-jaws enables metal cutting when there is no concrete present.

    Features and benefits

    Versatility is inbuilt into the design resulting in the requirement of only one product rather than a separate cutter crusher, pulverizer or other piece of equipment.

    • Powerful, optimized kinematics enables the application of a powerful kinetic force thereby saving processing time.
    • High operational speed valve for improved productivity
    • High material quality construction with wear resistant steel resulting in reduced operational downtime
    • Easily changeable consumables leading to increased productivity and less downtime
    • Optimized hydraulics producing no overheating, less fuel consumption and reduced cost of ownership
  • D-Jaws

    Crushing teeth, pulverisign plates or wood cutting blades can be attached to Demoltion jaws


    MP with M – jaws offers an attachment for metal cutting.


    MP equipped with S jaws is designed for demolishing of structures with concrete and steel.


    MP with A – jaws is an attachment for primary crushing where large opening is needed.


    Crushing teeth have been designed for multiprocessor's D jaws. They are easily changeable by removing a bolt.

    Pulverising plates

    Pulverising plates have been designed for multiprocessor's D-jaws. The main application is to crush concrete and separate re-bars. They are easily changeable by removing two bolts.

    Wood Cutting Blades

    Fast, powerful and versatile. W teeth have been designed for multiprocessor's D jaws. They are suitable for cutting of wood, tree stubs, railway sleepers etc. Teeth are made by wear resistant material and they are easy to change in just a few minutes even at site.

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