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Pallet Forks for Cranes

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Pallet forks

Among the different kinds of forks we should not forget the pallet forks used on construction sites or wherever the use of a grab for pallet lifting is required.

Our pallet forks are divided in 3 categories:

  • Self balancing pallet forks, models FPA and FPAG. This version finds its centre of gravity independently for a fair distribution of the load.
  • Pallet forks with comb shaped arm to be actioned manually, models FPB and FPG.  Loading is manually regulated moving the ring between teeth of the comb shaped arm.
  • Self locking pallet fork, models FPM and FPMB (connection Type A or B).


  • Loading from 2000 to 3000 Kg  (closed).
  • Column Height (effective height):
    • From 1655 to 2190 mm for : FPA and FPAG;
    • From 1700 to 2160 mm for : FPB and FPG;
    • From 1700 to 2160 mm for: FPMB and FPM.


Only for models FPM and FPMB

  • Bushing to be welded for connection type A.
  • Flanged bushing for connection type B.
  • Hydraulic rotor with shaft.
  • Flanged hydraulic rotor with connection type B.
  • Suspension link.

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