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Robi MM Screening Buckets

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The Robi MM has been specifically designed for screening, separating, mixing and composting. This enables customers to choose whether the bucket is best utilized with an excavator or wheel loader. With soil axles MM is able to screen differing kinds of material including top soil, sand, and so forth. If standard axles are used then MM is able to crush brittle material such as coal, bricks etc. For a more specific application peat axles may be used to separate and screen peat or related materials. Likewise, compost axles can be used to mix and separate compost with other materials.

Features and benefits

  • Oil lubricated patented gear boxes mean that there is no daily maintenance, and no chain change required.
  • Gear driven power transmission is unique, efficient and reliable.
  • Quiet and smooth working operation.
  • Patented standard axles (read more) are easy to change, and the blades in the axles can be easily replaced.
  • Soil axels for screening of soil & sand.
  • Peat axels for screening and crushing of peat.
  • Compost axels (read more) for airing and mixing of compost.