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RP42 N/Q Pulveriser

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RP42 N/Q

  • The Robi RP has been designed specifically for different recycling applications such as secondary pulverizing. It is able to accomplish these hazardous tasks due to its purpose designed cutting blades for reinforcement bar, or small structure cutting. It is also suitable for applications where material has been transported to a separate area and then requires cutting.


      • Long, turnable cutting blades possessing excellent wear resistance in order to reduce spare and replacement part costs.
      • Large opening enables the pulverization of big pieces of material.
      • Optimum pulverizing geometry, with one cylinder structure, enables the full pulverizing force to be presented through optimal movement.
      • Optimized, easy to change, tooth design with a convex shape of breaker enables impressive rates of production.
      • Constructed of highest quality wear resistant steel ensures reduced operational downtime.
      • High operating speed
      • Properties RP42 N/Q
        Operating weight, kg (lb) 3340 (7363)
        Max. jaw opening, mm (inch) 1160 (46.7)
        Max. cutting force, kN (lbf) 2330 (523 810)
        Max. crushing force, kN (lbf) 1220 (274 270)
        Recommended oil flow, l/min (gal/min) 250-350 (66-93)
        Max. operating pressure, bar (psi) 320 (4640)
        Recommended carrier weight, ton (lb) *) 24-42 ( 52 900-92 600 )