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Shear Grabs – KV Type Tines

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  • The Albutt Shear Grab range is designed to give users a strong, reliable option for cutting clamp silage. Trusted all over the world, the Albutt name is synonymous with the quality Shear Grab product. High capacity rams, strategically placed offer unrivalled clamping power, with a Hardox blade leaving a smooth clamp face. The capacity of the hydraulic cylinders also means that minimum power is required to operate the grab

  • Features

      Hardox cutting blade
      Double skinned front grab
      Heavy duty thick wall box sections
      KV style forged steel tines in bushes.; cranked and straight
      50mm and 35mm pivot pins
      90mm bore rams on all models
      High capacity
      3 rams on S190 and above
      Central cutting blade on S190 and above
      Most popular models normally kept in stock
      Supplied with transport bolt to protect front blade when in delivery transit
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