Hydraulic Oil ISO 46, 1000 Litres IBC - Approved Hydraulics Limited

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Hydraulic Oil ISO 46, 1000 Litres IBC



HYDRA PART ISO46 hydraulic oils are premium quality oils blended on base stocks chosen to provide a high viscosity index together with resistance to oxidation, foaming, wear and degredation.

HYDRA PART hydraulic oil ISO 46 provides superior performance in a wide range of hydraulic systems. It features excellent anti-rust properties and is resistant to oxidation to lengthen the service life of modern hydraulic systems. An ideal solution for keeping equipment running smoothly.

*PLEASE NOTE: Our oil is blended to order and can take upto 5 working days to produce - Any shipping costs are un-effected and goods will be shipped on a 1-2 day basis.

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