TEC Single Phase Electric Motors - 4 Pole, 1500rpm (PERMANENT CAP) - Approved Hydraulics Limited

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TEC Single Phase Electric Motors - 4 Pole, 1500rpm, 240vAC (PERMANENT CAP)


These MY series are ideal for fans, blowers with low starting torque needs, and intermittent cycling uses such as adjusting mechanisms, gate operators and garage door openers, many of which also need instant reversing.

The TEC single phase AC permanent capacitor IEC standard electric motors are suitable for industrial equipment and domestic applications with a single phase 220/240V supply.

Permanent capacitor single phase motors should not be used in hard to start applications such as woodworking machinery, air compressors, high-pressure water pumps, and vacuum pumps. ML Capacitor start / Capacitor run are a real powerhouse which is the correct choice for applications that require high starting torque.

Key advantages MY single phase permanent capacitor motors:

  1. Speed Controllable
  2. Very reliable
  3. 0.8 - 1.2 Torque Rated
  4. No mechanical starting mechanism
  5. Rotatable top mounted aluminium terminal box (capacitor enclosed)
  6. Lightweight
  7. Multi mount B3, B5, and B14 options
  8. Low starting currents

Data Sheet 2

Data Sheet 2

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